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Donation to #Kerala #Flood Tsunami--NGO's, Media and Needy ?: think about it

Donation to Tsunami--NGO's, Media and Needy ?: think about it
My Visit to Tsunami hits area :
IT Techies from Bangalore in the relief work for Tsunami hits area :
How to help ?
what to help ?
where to help ?
IT companies in Bangalore as well as other places has open their doors to help the victims in the Tamilnadu Tsunami hits area.But media is only talking about big companies in the Bangalore, who will talk about the small company. Though my thought is help provided by any one is great and big. Than why only talk about big companies.I would like to share my experience with IT companies,friends and all who are interested to donate money as well as other items, please think twice before giving any donation to any NGO's. As per collectors orders one can’t not distribute items in those area by considering the Law and order problem. Collectors of the district have requested the donors to donate and distribute through NGO’s. But Major hurdle is to find out who is the right NGO’s?
Who are really working and helping needy?
Here my visit experience to Tsunami hits area in Tamilnadu :
1. Please do not collect and donate OLD CLOTHS to Tamilnadu area, People are not ready to accept it.It’s all lying on the road.Reason: Lots of people have sent the Pants/Jeans etc, which is not used by costal area people. They feel uncomfortable.If you wish to donate cloths, please send new cloths and mainly Saree's, Lungi's and Dhoti’s, Banians, Petticoats.
2. NGO's are mainly working in the area where Media people are working. Look like every one is media hungry not there for real ground work to help needy people.
3. Remote villages no media people as well as no NGO’s. Needy people are waiting forthe real help.
4. So called big name’s in the NGO’s who claim that they are serving in the whole world in any worst situations are mainly focusing for there own advertisement by putting banners on number of hired vehicles in the front as well as back. But exactly they are only distributing the ORS powder to the children’s. When I talk to those people they claim that they are taking care of 500-600 families. But truth is not that. I waited at one place to see that exactly what they are distributing to the families who took shelters in one godown. Big banner NGO’s wan came with few cartons and few people with badges,simply distributed the ORS powder to children’s and went away. After speaking to the people in the area I came to no that no one need the ORS and all are fit. But Children’s are taking it because it’s sweet. 5. Most the NOG’s are roaming around the area where people don’t need anything. In the sense excess feeding, extra new cloths and too much attention to have made them too much choosy. People are throwing the food prepare by some one in home for the needy people, heart the feelings of others.
6. My request is find out the true NGO’s who are not media hungry and working silently by adapting the villages and fulfilling there requirement. Working with plans for there future. Not like other NGO’s to who will disappear in few days.
7. Now a day’s media is so powerful and can change the image in a day. But looks very sad after visiting the remote villages in hits area. Not a single media has given the coverage about those needy people in remote villages. Its not that media can’t reach in those places.
8. I have major request from the People who are staying abroad and interested to help victims in the tsunami hits area people. Please send the money to right people to make sure needy will get help and your feeling should not get heart. Same request goes to the Film Industries people who came forward to help victims in the villages.
9. Kindly do not donate your money by watching commercial advertisement on the TV by big NGO’s. Actually they are not at all visible in the ground reality.
10. Basically its all about feeling nothing else. Your help in any means, whether its Money or cloths or food or medicine should not get waste at all.
11. There are an average of 150 families in the each of the main relief camps,shifted from villages to some schools, Kalyaan mandap etc. So mainly 150 packets of relief material of each kind is necessary.
12. Each family requires a kerosene stove, alumimium vesels, steel spoons and knife, plastic plates and drinking glasses, straw mats, plastic pots for storing drinking water, buckets etc.
13. Other major requirement is fishing nets and boats to start there life again, no idea who will fulfill this. Fishing net start from Rs. 100/- per Kg. 14. Other problem of these fisherman’s! They have belief and faith on Sea as GOD ( Samudra Devata) Before putting their new boats in to sea they will do pooja and pray Sea as a god to accept the boat as well as my life and give the returns from sea to survive and fulfill the need of my family. I got shocked after talking to few fisherman’s .. they said now sea has thrown out the boats from the sea..mean sea as god has not accepted their we will not use this boats..dosen’t matter whether its in good condition or damage condition. After some time they will cut in to small pieces and throw in to the sea. Other side no idea how media and NGO’s are talking about in their project plan to repair the boats.
15. I tried to contact the media through email, either email is full or not able to contact them. I thought by presenting this picture might be possible they will start giving the coverage in the remote villages and show the real need. I have no more words to say.
16. After all my exercise I came to know only one organization i.e. “Seva Bharati” is doing a great job in these areas. They started the work from removing the dead body in decomposition form, where no one was ready to do that work. I was surprised when I visited the remote villages in Tamilnadu, where no NGO and media was there. They encourage villagers to form a self help group and not be dependent on any one. Self help groups are working well in those villages and taking care of all families in the villages. This group has adapted so many remote villages and taking care to fulfill there needs. I am not trying to say that they are the best. Its my opinion and experience what I saw during my visit. If all other NGO start working like this than I think we can have major control in the situation very fast may be in few days.
17. NGO's are spending huge amount of money by giving advertisement on TV's channels. Who's money is this ? Who's approved them to give the adversiement on TV's channels ? Do you know how much one 10 sec. advertisement costing in the TV's ? just calculate from the will come to know.
Other Facts and requirement :
Facts and figures of Nagapattinam district:
Total population : 14,87,055 Male : 7,38,287 (including male kids) Female : 7,48,768 (including female kids)
Rural population : 11,57,714
Urban population : 3,29,341 Below Poverty Line: 4,05,912
Statement of problem: 7000 expired (counted till 31st dec. evening) Nearly 38 villages wash out2,00,000 ppl.
Affected Live stock completely expired in 21 affected villagesNo additional clothes to wearNo demostic vessels or utensils to prepare food. The ships are damaged. Many of them were quite costly.scarcity of domestic water.supplied other domestic items like pulses, sugar, vegetables, tamarind, match boxes & candles a kit (of worth Rs 200/-) to the villagers(around 3000 families). For rehabilitation,Donate generously. One fishing net - Three persons- costs Rs 15,000/-.(approx) One wooden boat - Six persons-costs Rs 35,000/-. One fibre boat - Seven persons-costs Rs 80,000/-. One diesel engine - for One boat-cost Rs 25,000/-. EDUCATION –academic year 2004-05. Clothing –three pairs-one student Rs 350/-. Examination fees, note books, etc-Rs 500/-. House -- ? Kitchecn Items -- ? My next planned visit in Tsunami hits area in Tamilnadu is on 14th Jan.So I can share more feeing with all of you. I have given my role for wash, once its ready I will try to figure out some site where I can get it published. If any media people feel that i can help them by taking them to remote villages where people are still waiting for the help, please contact me. Your coverage can give life to them..think about it. Hope this will help other, who has still not donated and thinking about whom they should donate. **If any one know any contact deatils to contact Our Bollywood people, please let me know. I would like to inform them to contribute to right hands.
Ravi Sharma
(Regional IT Project Manager - Asia Pac & Japan)
**Do feel free to contact me if any one need more info :,