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Know Your URBAN Jaichands of India Corrupt Media NDTV

भारत देश के गद्दार (जयचंद )पत्रकार मीडिया बरखा दत्त , राजदीप सर देसाई , प्रनव रॉय 

NDTV Media journalist Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sirdesai, Prannoy Roy Exposed !!!

On Tweeter you can find them with Hashtag #BakraAuntyGang #Tukde_Tukde_Gang

When an Urban Naxal meets a Jaichand, and "URBAN JAICHAND" takes birth.
Original thread is posted by Adithya (Adi) on Tweeter 
Here tried to consolidate with additional info available on internet Social media on my blog as many people do not have twitter account and they must know truth about corrupt media working against nation like NDTV and so called journalists and alliance  You can follow me on twitter @ravisharma70


BARKHA DUTT Barkha Dutt's involvement in controversy is endless. Below is some of it. Kashmiri pandits Kargil 2002 Pampore Nira radia tapes.....

During the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits, Barkha dutt justifies by saying that they stole the jobs of local Kashmiris. As if the Kashmiri Pandits were foreign and not local to the valley. How NDTV journalist Barkha Dutt tried to justify the ethnic cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits by hiding the facts and giving incident different colour.

During Kargil war, she carried a satellite phone, which made her location traceable, an Iridium instrument. She was the only journalist with a sat-phone. Even army officers with sat-phones were not present in conflict zones. Sharing full details of Army location, Jawans, battalions etc through news

While reporting on Tiger Hill in darkness, her camera and light flips on, The Pakistanis spotted the light and had a fix on the location. Five minutes after she left, artillery rains the place leaving an officer and 3 jawans martyred.
Barkha is said to have gone live immediately after she was briefed on the progress on Tiger Hills. Pakistanis redirected their fire in direction of Indian soldiers. About 14-20 of our soldiers died on the ropes they were using to climb target.

Three private channels were actively covering the Gujarat riots in 2002 – Zee News, Aaj Tak and NDTV. While Aaj Tak and Zee News followed the standard guidelines of reporting a riot and did not reveal which communities were effected in a particular area, Rajdeep and Barkha flouted all the rules and kept on instigating the riots by deliberately pitting the two communities against each other. PM Narendra Modi himself recalled two such incidences of shameful reporting from Barkha and Rajdeep.
During 2002 Godhra riots, Barkha was in Surat, asked the camera to pan both sides of the street & said into the camera 'As you can see, there is absolutely no police presence in this area', during such a charged up and sensitive period!
Did Barkha and Rajdeep realize the consequences of airing such a news explicitly when the communal violence was at its peak ? Doesn’t it clearly indicate their malicious intent to instigate riots and add fuel to the fire ? It takes seconds for you to air the news, but if something happens there, it will take hours to mobilize the security forces to that place. However, despite this, NDTV aired the news.It was Rajdeep, Barkha and NDTV who played a major role in instigating the riots by adding fuel to fire.

Modi said he confronted her on this and asked 'What are you trying to do? Are you signalling the rioters to attack that area? Your news broadcast takes less than 30 seconds to reach millions, it takes more than 3 hours for me to mobilise a police force

'While SOLDIERS are being killed In our country Barkha Dutt is Having Tea and Enjoying Off the record Derogatory Discussion.

During 26/11 attacks, Barkha was reporting live, giving out crucial info & location of people trapped inside Taj Hotel & talking to her sources inside Home ministry. LeT handlers took note of this, which inturn contributed to atleast some deaths.

Did Barkha show way for terrorists to Attack Pampore? Bcoz few days back she visited Kashmir giving hint on how water can be used for infiltrations. In LoC she questiond BSF jawans regardin their timing &places of patrolling (Source:Postcard news)

In the 'Nira Radia' tapes, Barkha appears to offer to pass messages b/w Ms.Radia,a corporate lobbyist and Cong leader Mr.Azad.They wer facilitating the re-entry of A.Raja into UPA-II cabinet despite serious questions about the 2G scam during UPA-I
Zee News DNA report

Barkha dutt's love for JNU students who shouted anti national slogans and her support for them in name of Freedom of speech is a blot on her journalist ethics.
When a globally recognized terrorist like Hafiz Saeed praises an Indian journalist, then one should be really worried about their ethics in journalism.

And for all her infamous achievements, Congress honoured Barkha NDTV and Rajdeep GBN NDTV with a Padmashri award in 2008.
RAJDEEP SARDESAI Rajdeep sardesai recently celebrated his 30 years in journalism. So we list out a brief analysis of his journalist career.
Brief analysis of an article by Rajdeep in Times of India 1993, Where he couldn't resist the word 'Bhai' for Dawood and starts the article comparing a terrorist with Hindus, calling them as militants.

On 2001 Parliament attack, Rajdeep in a TV interview says 'Parliament was attacked and it was a great day' He admits they closed the gates of the parliament so no other channel would have coverage & they are vultures feeding on such moments.

Apart from his journalism Rajdeep brought disgrace to the country when he was involved in a street brawl with fellow countrymen in a foreign country.

Rajdeep Sardesai Slapped At Madison Square

SAGARIKA GHOSE Sagarika has time and again shown extreme hatredness towards Hindus and their festivals. So lets expose this Jaichand in following tweets

The success of Pokhran nuclear tests was hard to digest for some Jaichands in our country. Sagarika was one of them In an shocking article written by her, she calls Shri Abdul Kalam as 'Bomb Daddy'
..... she continues her hatred in the article by making absurd mentions and illogical conclusions comparing Atomic Science subjected only to Brahmins.
...... her hatred for Indians and Hindus is clearly visible in each line of the article where she compares Osama bin laden with Atomic scientists including Abdul kalam

Harassment by Barkha Dutt to a normal citizen Sunil Saxsena from Bhopal, just to gain cheap publicity in the name of helping Kashmiri. Read below episode collected from Tweeter and Internet. Now she has no answer and still putting political pressure and influencing Law / Order system to make arrest for other people who called her and share threatening text.  Decide yourself how low and cheap these so call journalist can go from NDTV to gain publicity in corrupt media. Do you think it's shameful ?

Barkha Dutt complains to Police about her number being public, after advertising that her number was public for ‘Kashmiris in need’
she was criticized heavily for politicising the issue by claiming that the obscene image of a circumcised male genital she received was sent "in the name of nationalism".

However, in a tweet Dutt had posted herself on social media the previous day, she had advertised that her number was online and available to Kashmiris who needed help or ‘felt vulnerable’. Therefore, it appears that she was fully aware that her number was public.

The contradictory messages on the two tweets were noticed by people on social media as well. See below tweet message :) 

However, in a tweet Dutt had posted herself on social media the previous day, she had advertised that her number was online and available to Kashmiris who needed help or ‘felt vulnerable’. Therefore, it appears that she was fully aware that her number was public

Barkha has claimed that she has been receiving lewd messages and harassment after her number, which was online as per her own account, began circulating on social media. Although the harassment she suffered was condemned by everyone, she was criticized heavily for politicising the issue by claiming that the obscene image of a circumcised male genital she received was sent “in the name of nationalism”.

Now see other side of Story :

Sunil Saxsena Telephone Audio recording posted by himself on Tweeter : 
After All request made by Sunil Saxsena, his phone number was not deleted by Barkha, which was against Tweeter policy

Finally Brakha Dutt video and decide your self

Sorry can't share DicPic on my blog, you can check on #Barkha Dutt Tweeter account itself.

Appreciate if you can share your views and share with your friends : 
1. Who gave power to corrupt journalist to harass comman man just to gain cheap publicity ? How you can just spoil someone life because you are journalist ?
2. Do you think such people should called themselves as Citizen of India ? Who always support Tukde Tukde Gang, Separatists and against nation ? 

Jai Hind....To Be...Continue to expose more Chaichand of India in Part 2 :) Till that time keep saying Bharat Mata Ki Jai and Don't forget to salute our Indian Army, Navy and Airforce Jawans 

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Dance is form of meditation, when done by heart - Dandiya, Ghoomar, Garba (Upcoming bollywood actress Neha)

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